Recycle salt slags, fill up smelting salt storage, dispose of filter dust: If you can do all that with just one call, you are probably already our customer. Or you should be one. Why? Because only REKS offers all of these services from one source. Our high-grade smelting salts Montanal® and Alasal® are excellently suited with their low moisture and the accurately determined smelting point for the production of secondary aluminium. Large amounts are available at any time.

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Aluminiumgranulat Salzschlacken-Recycling Entsorgung Filterstäube Schmelzsalze REKAL-Anlage Kaliwerk Sekundäraluminium-Schmelzwerk Untertage-Deponie Ammoniumsulfat Kalium-Chlorid Aluminiumoxid

REKAL® plant

Potash works

Underground landfill site

Secondary aluminium smelting plant

Düngemittelhersteller Halden-Rekultivierung

Fertiliser manufacturer

Recultivation of tailings piles

Aluminium oxide (substrate)
Granulation solution

Ammonium sulphate

Potassium chloride

The REKAL® plant of K+S is situated in Sigmundshall, the raw materials of smelting salt are extracted in Zielitz. Right next door the potash tailings pile will be vegetated with a granulate made from your salt slag.

Supply of smelting salt, recycling of secondary aluminium scrap and disposal of waste residues: With us, you will get all services from one source and benefit additionally from these advantages:

  • A contact for all services
  • Considerable recycling capacities and smelting salt amounts
  • Safe and appropriate recovery and disposal of filter and mill dust in the underground landfill sites of K+S
  • Maximum recycling rate thanks to the open circuit and regular buyers for slag components
  • Especially high smelting salt quality
  • Simplified transport and handling also at an international level by avoiding empty journeys with combined acceptance and delivery

Montanal® + Alasal® – our smelting salts

Efficient aluminium recycling requires the driest and cleanest smelting salt possible with an ideal smelting point. We offer it in large amounts – mined in the potash works of K+S.

sauberes und trockenes Schmelzsalz

REKS offers you high-grade smelting salt for the secondary aluminium industry. Montanal® and Alasal® boast a low residual moisture of below one per cent and an exactly definable smelting behaviour. This means you achieve maximum yield. We obtain smelting salt basic materials from the potash works and from the REKAL® plant of K+S. This makes large amounts available at any time and for decades too. Naturally, we are also your competent contact partner for special mixtures. If the salt needs to meet special requirements, we will be glad to produce individual salt mixtures.

Montanal® Alasal®
Composition mixture of NaCl, KCl and CaF2 mixture of NaCl and KCl
Delivery mode Loose as bulk material Loose as bulk material

Safety Data Sheet

REKAL-Product Montanal®

Salt slag recycling

REKS thinks through salt slag recycling that means: We recover the entire salt slag, which is accrued in the secondary aluminium industry, and prepare it for reuse. And without leaving residue.


In the REKAL® plant developed by K+S the reusable aluminium is extracted from the slag. And that is not all. We prepare the separated substances potassium chloride, aluminium oxide and ammonium sulphate for further use.

  • In the potash plants of the K+S Group first-class smelting salt and high-grade fertiliser is made from potassium chloride.
  • Ammonium sulphate is also turned into fertiliser.
  • From aluminium oxide, a substrate for the greening of the Sigmundshall potash tailings pile according to a patented method.

Aluminium granulate

Also the aluminium contained in the salt slag we claim in the REKAL® plant. The aluminium granulate that is produced has a purity level of around 70 percent. The use saves energy in the production process and is thus a reasonable alternative to the production of primary aluminium.


Delivery mode and billing

Salt slag, smelting salt and aluminium granulate can be transported loosely as bulk material; cleaning of the lorry is not necessary. Many of the lorries take the smelting salt and aluminium granulate back on the return journey, meaning fewer empty runs.

Our contractual customers receive a sample smelting, based on which they can determine the exact aluminium content of the granulate. This is deemed a calculation base. In individual deliveries arranged at short notice, we negotiate a fixed price with our customers.

Our aluminium granulate has a purity level of around


Safe filter dust disposal

The recycling of aluminium is resource saving and efficient. The filter dust, that is produced during the smelting process lands underground. Depending on the composition, in the underground recover or the underground landfill site.

Naturally, we also take on the dust produced in the secondary aluminium industry as experts in the safe recovery and disposal of waste. If you wish, this can include packing and transport.

Also residues from exhaust air filtering can usually be used in underground recovery. Should this not be possible, there is still the option of disposing of the hazardous dust safely in our underground landfill sites and isolating them from the biosphere long-term.

“The recycling of salt slags, the supply of smelting salts, the disposal of filter dust. In which area can we support you?”

Veit Wehmeier | Head of Sales

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