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Current projects

REKS GmbH & Co KG is working together with its partners K+S and REMEX to cover further potash tailings piles. The aim is the long-term reduction of saline tailings water. In order to achieve this goal, the local conditions at the individual locations must be taken into account, so that different covering methods must be used depending on the location. You can find more information about the individual procedures here.

In order for a sustainable cover of potash tailings piles to be carried out, extensive approval procedures are necessary in addition to complex implementation planning. In the following we would like to inform you about the respective project statuses of the future covering projects.

Our projects at a glance


“Monte Kali”, as the Sigmundshall tailings pile is affectionately known among employees. Monte Kali no longer looks like a tailings pile in places. With a height of 120 m and more than 12 ha of vegetated flanks, the potash tailings pile is experiencing successful renaturation.

"Do you have questions about the process of covering of potash tailings piles? Talk to us, we are happy to be there for you!”

Dr. Arne Schmeisky | Project Development Covering of Tailings Piles

Dr. Arne Schmeisky | Ansprechpartner für Haldenabdeckungen
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